1863aug 3

1863 Aug 3

Macon Hospital

August 3, 1863

My dear companion,

I seat myself to write you a few lines to let you know that I am no worse. My bowels are better. My back and hips are no better.

I found Mr. Perdiew and Morgan Bloodworth here today. Mr. Bloodworth said he would come to the hospital and try to get me off, but I do not know whether he will do it. If he will come, I think he can get me off, but he has got so much business I am afraid he will not come.

You know that I want to come home very bad. But I don’t know whether I will ever see home or not. I hope I will.

One man got an egg with a chicken in it for his dinner today. So I did not break mine.

There is a man lying on the bed you lay on, now. He is quite sick. It was he that got the chicken.

Two robbers were caught here today. They robbed a man during the night and today they confessed it in court.

I reckon I will send this by Mr. Perdew.

Back your letters thus.

W. H. Harden

General Hospital



So, I will close.

Good-bye for this time.

W. H. Harden