Away And This Day

© by Jay Harden


If I accept happiness,
Will it be taken away?
Dare to be too happy,
Even play in the fields
Of the divine,
Will it be taken away?
And will I lose love –
Again –
Will it be taken away?
Too much to risk, but if I do,
Will I then take it away?
Fear – that bastard of time –
Feel my contempt,
My resistance breathing free.
The wounds of half a heart
Turn to anger
And burn out the doubt,
Holding safe my joy for now –
And something better –
Over the voices of then.
Work it through, work it out, make it gone.
And wake up with the fullest heart.
My life to live, I take and I give,
Now, forever, this day.

July 30, 2008
O’Fallon, Missouri