Index of Place Names

A tabled list of all 94 geographic locations mentioned in the letters. 


Places shown in italics have not been located exactly. If you can identify their location please contact me.






Americus, GA

Andersonville, GA

Atlanta, GA

Babe Cardins

2 Feb 1863

Savannah house of prostitution?

Barnesville, GA

Beans Station

21 Sep 1862

site of battle 15 Dec 1863

Beaulieu Battery

near Montgomery, GA

Bethel Church

Pike County, GA


location of salt works and Hanleiter’s Battery; 

also a church


County, GA

Big Sewell Mountain


Bluff Springs

28 Aug 1895

site of camp meeting near Hope, GA 

on 30 Aug 1895

Briant County, GA

Camp Defiance, WV

6 Oct 1861

Camp Gordon, GA

near Savannah, not Fort Gordon near Augusta, GA



Caustin’s Bluff

3 miles due east of Savannah opposite 

Whitemarsh Island, 2 miles directly north of 

Thunderbolt, the location of Ft. Bartow

Central Rail Road

Charleston, SC



City Hall Hospital

24 Sep, 2, 10 Oct, 3 Nov 1863

Macon, GA

Columbia, SC



Concord Primitive Baptist Church

Jasper County, GA, halfway between Jackson 

and Monticello, GA at 33-18-40N, 83-48-22W

Crawford County


Dalton, GA

Falling Creek

27 May 1875


Fayette County, WV

Flat Rock, GA

Flat Rock Primitive Baptist Church

Pike County, GA 33-08-23N, 84-19-15W


Floyd Hospital

Floyd House Hospital

24 Aug 1864

8 Apr 1865

Americus, GA

Macon, GA (present day City Hall)

Fort McAllister, GA

Fort Mercer, GA

12, 26 Mar, 5 Apr 1863

Fort Pulaski, GA

Gawley River

Gauley River, WV

General Hospital

30 Apr 1864

Dalton, GA

General Hospital

3, 8 10 12 Aug, 17 Sep 1863

Macon, GA

General Hospital

18 Jun, 1, 15, 18 Jul 1863

Savannah, GA

Genesis Point

Fort McAllister, GA


Green Island, GA

due south of Skidaway Island


1 Jun 1863

probably a community near what is now 

Greenwich Cemetery, between Savannah 

 and Whitemarsh Island

Griffin, GA

Hanleiter’s Battery

10, 12 Apr 1864

near Opossum Nose Island and Beulah, 

also Heinleiter (sic)

Harmony, GA

probably a community near Harmony Primitive 

Baptist Church, Pike County, GA

Harrisburg, PA

Haw Ridge, WV

14 Feb 1860

Hope, GA

Pike County, GAnorth of Zebulon just inside 

Pike County line

Irwin County, GA

Isle of Hope, GA

Jasper County, GA

Jackson, MS

Liberty Butts

13 Aug 1884

GA probably near Winfred, GA

Macon, GA

Macon Hospital

Macon, GA

Magnolia, GA

7 Apr 1861

probably a community near what is now Magnolia 

Cemetery, due west just outside of Concord, 

Pike County, GA 33-05-29N, 84-26-46W

Milner, GA

Minnie, GA

Irwin County, GA3 miles north of Ocilla now 

probably near Ben Hill County line

Missionary Baptist Church

May 1913

Pike County, GA



County, GA



Moss Cabins, GA

19, 24 Sept 1862

Mount Pleasant

27 May 1875

Baptist church in Griffin, GA or Monroe County

Newton County, GA

Ockmugee Church

13 Nov 1881

probably Ocmulgee Church, Dodge County, GA

Ogeechee Bridge

railroad bridge across Ogeechee River 2 miles 

north of Ways Station No. 1 1/2

Ophthalmic Hospital

29 Jan, 19, 22 Feb 1865

Americus, GA

Opossum Nose Island


Pike County, GA

Richmond, VA

Ruby, GA

24 Aug 1862

near Savannah, not in Tift County, GA

Savannah and Gulf Railroad

Savannah, Albany and Gulf Railroad

S. A. & G. R. R.

Savannah, GA

Skidaway Island

Chatham County, GA 31-56-55N, 81-01-52W

Stone Island

31 Jan 1864

near Fort McAllister, GA

Sturgeon Creek Baptist Church

Irwin County, GA

Tallulah, GA

Thunderbolt Battery, GA

East of Savannah (officially Fort Thunderbolt)

Thunderbolt Hospital

Vicksburg, MS

Warsaw Sound

GA (probably Wassaw Sound)

Winfred, GA

Jasper County, GA 4 miles west of Monticello on 

road to Jackson, Butts County, GA

Ways Station No. 1 1/2, GA

WNW of Ft. McAllister on the Atlantic & Gulf R.R.

south of Ogeechee River, now a town called

 Richmond Hill, Bryan County

White Bluff

Chatham County, GA 31-59-15N, 81-07-44W

Whitmarsh Island, GA

Whitemarsh Island

Wilmington, NC

Wilmington Narrows

York, PA

Zebulon, GA