1859 Jan 9


January 9, 1859

To William H. Harden

Dear Cousin,

I received your letter yesterday.  I was glad to hear from you.  Your letter was in the post office a year and awhile before I got it.

I will tell you a little about my health and sense since I saw you:  am well at this time and all the rest of the connection, as far as I know.

Harmon, I miss you the worst in the world.  I have not seen but very little fun since you left.

Well, I will tell you about the mules running way.  When I got almost home, she commenced kicking and running.  I gave out from her and had like to break my leg, and I have not walked without limping since.

Harmon, I saw old Mr. Willoby yesterday and he said that he can’t pay nothing on that note, and he says that you must have him sued.  He says that he has got enough property to pay it, but he can’t make a crop with it now.  I want you to write to me what to do about it and that quick.

Well, I forgot to tell you about the expenses of the Jersey.  It was about one dollar and a half and I got enough out of Old Sol to pay it.

So I must come to a close and you must excuse my mistakes and bad spelling.

I wish you a long, long life and a merry, merry life until you gets your wife.

John T. Cook

Oh, I forgot to tell you to write to me, and I want you to write to me before next Saturday for you know that it is our court day.

John T. Cook