1864 Apr 30

General Hospital

Dalton, Georgia

April 30, 1864

My dear companion,

I seat myself to drop you a line to let you know that I am not well, though able to be up.

Old Doctor Howard said I ought to stay in the hospital a few days to rest and recruit.

I hope this will find you all well, etc.

We have no tents. We just take the weather as it comes. We traveled all night last in the rain.

I think Doctor Howard done me a great favor to send me here because I was not able to take the weather.

I will go to my regiment in three or four days, if I do well.

Four of our men run away as we passed through Griffin.

The Barnesville Blues is about a mile from here. I have not seen any of them yet.

I did not get to see Wash in Atlanta.

May 1st

I feel some better this morning.

It rained all night last night again. All our puny men are faring badly for want of shelter.

We are expecting a fight now soon. The Army was in line of battle all day before yesterday.

Direct your letters to:

Dalton, Georgia

Company G

63rd Regiment Georgia Volunteers

I will close.

Your loving husband,

W. H. Harden

I do not know what you can do, only to help your Pa to work and try to make bread. I think that is the best you can do.

I wish I could see you and Mollie once more time. If I every pass that near home again, I am going to stop one day and night, certain if they court-martial me.

Mollie knew me and I think she laughed when I took her in my arms. She was not afraid of me. I wish I could stay with you long enough to hear her talk some. It would be delightful to me.

Dear Jane, you must excuse my bad writing. I have nothing to write on and my pencil is very short.

W. H. H.