1862 Aug 24


Salt Works near Ruby

August 24, 1862

Mrs. Nancy J. Harden

Dear wife,

Again, I seat myself to drop you a few more lines which still leave me well, hoping these lines may reach and find you and the family connection well.  My hopes are no less ardent for the welfare of our dear little Mary Zelma.  I do hope that you both are and may continue to do well in my absence.

James Short is going to write a letter this evening and I think I will put this in with his letter and Uncle Anderson’s folks will send it to you.

I have nice water to bathe in.

I have seen an alligator, some shrimp, crabs, and fiddlers.  I have not been out to the main waters, but I expect to go where I can look out on the broad, boisterous waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

I have seen some of Savannah.

I have not seen nor heard no Yankees, neither do I expect to see any, yet.  They may come on us.  If they do, then we will have to be smart.

Write to me soon and send me two shirts.

So, I will close.

Yours as ever.

W. H. Harden

To Mrs. Nancy J. Harden

Please send this to Jane and oblige.

W. H. Harden

Please hand this to Jane.

W. H. Harden