1864 Apr 10



Hanleiter’s Battery

April 10, 1864

My dear companion,

Once more I seat myself to drop you a line that you may know how and where I am.  I am well and hearty, though tired from my march of yesterday, hoping these lines may reach and find you and Mollie well, also the rest of the family and friends.

I have no news of importance to say.  I came here from Thunderbolt yesterday in the rain all the way.  We have a very pretty location and plenty of house room, but the water is bad, worse than Thunderbolt.

Jane, I am sorry to say that you had better not come until I write for you again.  I was in hope that we would stay at Thunderbolt until you came, but it is all broke up now.  Maybe it’s best.  I think we will all be well pleased with the present location.

I will send this in a letter with Mr. Benson.  I will be on guard tomorrow and next day.  I will write you a long letter and direct it to Mr. Benson, and Rich will write some in it.  Also, this is to keep you all posted.

It is said that we can see the Yanks from our picket where I am to stand tomorrow.  Me and Rich will both be on guard tomorrow.

I will close for the present.

Good-bye, my dear, for this time.

Yours, etc.

W. H. Harden

Mrs. Benson:  please send this to Jane.