Every Moment So Beautiful

© by Jay Harden


And when I am gone,

Do not ask

To feel no pain.

Let the grief,

Let the cries,

Let the emptiness

And great loss

Flood your aching hearts.

This is my last gift to you.

With your hurting,

Know you are still richly alive,

Alive to the vibrant

Feelings deep

That made you,

And make you

A real and loving

Human being.

Let the pain,

With all its heated fury,

Burn in you

And fuel your living,

So it will not

Burn you away.

Talk of me within the tears

And laugh with me

Through your anguish

About little memories

In my complex life,

Rarely dull.

Welcome your sorrows

On the battlefield of emotions

And conquer them all

With poignant smiles.

And in those still,


Thoughts that come,

They just might be

Because I am with you again.

We will talk

Without words,

And you will know

Another comfortable truth

About yourself, and me.

And aha the

Indestructibility of love,

That force of mystery

That caused us both,

And makes every moment

Now and then

So beautiful.


July 21, 2008

O’Fallon, Missouri