Archetype Reasoning of PTSD Veterans

The thought patterns of myself and fellow Post-traumatic Stress Disorder veterans of Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan seem to have common themes under stress. I record them here in the hope that those who love and live with us (and also suffer from our PTSD) might gain some insight to know when the veteran's thinking has nothing whatsoever to do with them. Our only motive is to be normal and happy, the way we were.

I welcome any feedback of any kind.

People are out to get you.

Sit with you back to the wall.

If you let your guard down, you will die.

You can’t trust just anyone.

If you let people get close, they will hurt you.

There is safety in numbers; no safety in intimacy.

Needing other people is weak.

Keep yourself separate for protection.

Do not be seen by the world.

Weapons are needed; hide behind strength.

Be strong and ignore the pain to get the job done.

The biggest and meanest win.

People are watching; you’re not allowed to get it wrong.

If you fail, it reflects on me.

Work keeps you out of trouble.

Control keeps you safe.

Showing feelings is dangerous.

You can’t make a difference because they won’t let you.

My intuition is not valid.

Better to be the dictator than the peon.

Other people are the enemy.

I know a hundred ways to kill you.