1862 Aug 21-22


August 21, 1862

Savannah, Georgia

Mrs. Nancy J. Harden

Dear wife,

I seat myself to drop you a few lines which will inform you that I am well at present, hoping these may reach and find you and Mollie in the enjoyment of the best of health.

I have nothing of interest to communicate to you.  We are at work here in the woods.  We expect to make some salt soon.

I want you to send me some shirts by express to Savannah.  My old shirts are nearly gone.  If I do not get some soon, I shall be out of my shirttail, and then I shall have to wear my coat all the time.

I must now go to work.  I will finish this before long and send it to you.

Again today the 22nd.

I seat myself to drop you a few lines which will inform you that I am still well and very satisfied.

We have still more bad luck.  When we got up this morning we found our mule dead.  He was choked to death by the rope which was tied around his neck.

James Short is well at this time.  He is well satisfied.

We have seen a great many strange things here, but I cannot tell you with my pen anything about it.

To H. J. Harden

Dear Father,

I am requested to write to you to know if we can get one of your kettles to boil salt in.  Mr. Stough is a plumb gentleman and will do right about it.  They will give you whatever is right in salt for the rent of them.  If you can possibly send one, get E. F. Martin to help you about directing them to Martin, Stough & Company, and they will pay the freight to and from home, and you will become a co-partner in the salt.  So far as the boiler is concerned, we just commenced boiling this morning.

I have not time now to write particulars, but at a future time I will tell you all.


W. H. Harden

Jane, please give this to Pa as soon as you get it and oblige.

Yours affectionately,

William H. Harden

This is the kind of cloth that grows here in these woods.