1864 Aug 24


Americus, Sumpter County, Georgia

Floyd Hospital

August 24, 1864

My dear companion,

I will write a line to let you know my whereabouts.

I am not well.  I have Lierhaes[?] yet.  I hope this will find you and Mollie both well, also the rest of the family and friends.

I have no news to write.  We came here yesterday from Macon.

I have not heard one word from home since I left.  It looks like I cannot stay long enough at a place to get a letter from you.  The Ward Master in Macon said if any letter came there for me he would send it on here, although I don’t expect to hear now till you get this.  You must write the news as soon as you get this.  Write about Wash and Sammy.

I passed Andersonville yesterday, but I did not see anybody there I know.  I have seen the old man Shacleford.

I wish I had some news for you, but I have just got here and I have no news.

I want you to write soon as you get this.  Direct your letters thus:

Corporal W. H. Harden

Americus, Georgia

of Company G

63rd Georgia Regiment

Jane, I hope I’ll see you soon.  The prospect is better here than at Macon.

[reverse:  outer envelope]

[return address]

W. H. Harden

Company G, 63rd Regiment Georgia

Mercer’s Brigade


Mrs. N. J. Harden

Milner, Georgia