1875 Jun 21



Pike County

June 21, 1875

To W. H. and N. J. Harden

Dear brother and sister,

I seat myself this evening to write you a few lines.

These lines leaves us only tolerable.  My baby has not been well for a month.  He looks very bad.  Pa’s family is as well as common.  Jane, me and Mr. Cooper went to your father’s from meeting last Saturday.  They were all well, except Bell.  She has a rising on her finger.

Lizzy says she is trying to get ready to go home with you if you come prepared to take her.  She wants to go if nothing don’t happen.

We had a nice rain night before last and yesterday morning.

Mr. Cooper is plowing his potatoes, now.  They are sorry.

My garden looks very well.  I have had just as many greens as I wanted.  My chickens are scarce, but I would like to have some of your ducks.  I hope you had good luck with them.

Harmon, I would like to see you and Jane and the children.  I could talk a heap; you know I can’t write much.  The baby has cried around me so I could not write at all.

I want to come to your house, but the chance is bad.  I can imagine how your house stands on the hillside, but I expect I am mistaken.

So, I must come to a close for this time.  Write soon.

Lula and Sally say they want to see Willie, Nan and Leila mighty bad.


C. C. and E. A. Cooper