1865 Jan 29

January 29, 1865

Ophthalmic Hospital

Americus, Georgia

Mrs. N. J. Harden

Dear wife,

I once more seat myself to drop you a line to let you know that I am here and as well as common. My ears are very bad yet. I don’t see that they are any better yet. I hope these lines will reach and find you well, and doing well.

I spent two nights in Macon.

The post surgeon saw proper to send me here to a hospital where the ears and eyes are specially treated. Behold! When I got here, I found old Dr. Howard here in charge. He used to be our old regimental surgeon. He has gone faithfully to work on my ears.

I hear no war news.

I think I will like to stay in this hospital very well. There are a great many men here nearly blind, but I think I am the only deaf man here. I think I will get along very well with Dr. Howard.

I have not had my ears worked on until this morning. The doctor put caustic in my ears to burn them out, and I tell you it liked to made me pee, it hurt so bad.

We have had some of the coldest weather I ever saw.

I will write more after dinner.

The old lady Reid is very sick with erysipelas. The Police are charging around, but they say they can’t do much.

I think we get plenty to eat at this place.

I am going to let the doctor work on my ears awhile and then I am going to try to get away from here upon good terms.

I saw a man in Macon who was going to Johnny Smith’s company. I sent him a note and told him to tell Brother Wash that we were all well, etc. I also sent word to Will Harris that his folks were well.

I lost my oil cloth in Macon and I met a friend there who gave me $30. He asked me where I was going to stay. I told him I should have to lie out, as I had no money. He told me I should have some and gave me $30 and I have got it yet.

I will close, promising to write in a few days.

Direct your Letters thus.

W. H. Harden

Ophthalmic Hospital

Americus, Georgia

Write soon and give me all the news.

I hope I’ll see you all again soon.

Farewell for this time.

Yours, etc.

W. H. Harden