1865 Feb 22


Ophthalmic Hospital

Americus, Georgia

February 22, 1865

My dear companion,

I seat myself to drop you a word in answer to yours of the 19th instant which I received yesterday and was made glad by the good news from home.

I am well as usual.

Hope these lines may reach and find you still on the mend.

I have no news this morning to write.

You said that I must name our babe.  Well, here it is, if you don’t object.  If you do, you must name it yourself and I will be satisfied — it makes no difference with me about a name.

Willie Evalina.

Way up in Pike County where willows do grow,

There lives a little angel no others do know.

It’s Willie Evalina, that sweet little dove,

The Queen of my heart and one that I love.

I will close for the present.

Yours, etc.

W. H. Harden

This is 23rd

I am well as usual today.  I learned last night that Sherman has taken Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina, and are marching on.  If you have heard from any of the boys, write.  I have not heard from Wash since I left home.

W. H. Harden