1863 May 23


Thunderbolt Battery

May 23, 1863

Mrs. Nancy J. Harden

My dear companion!

With pleasure I seat myself to drop you a few lines which will inform you that I have been well ever since writing this letter, which I thought I sent by Lieutenant G. D. Johnson, but found it this morning in my packet.  And I thought you had got it long since.  I am sorry that you have not got it.  I will send it now to you as it will answer.

I have the headache this morning some.

Dear Jane!  I am so sorry that I did not send this letter off for you.  I think you will have been doing without a letter all this time, and I know how bad it is.  I will seal this and go put it in the office for Mr. Elder to take to Savannah soon.

In the morning I have got to get my clothes from the Captain’s Negro boy.  He does my washing.  I must have on a clean shirt before long.

Jane, you and Mollie must take good care of yourselves until I come home.  I shall try to come on the first of June, but it is a doubtful chance now.  I will come as soon as I can.

So, I will close.

Write to me soon.  I want to hear from you all the worst in the world.


Good-bye, Jane.

Yours, etc.

W. H. Harden

To N. J. Harden

W. H. Harden