My Understanding of Soul Recognition

© Jay Harden

The Soul Recognition experience takes the time for you to recognize, accept, and honor your essential spiritual uniqueness, your soul. In this way, it prepares you to consciously weave your soul into your everyday life. This helps you combine your creative and divine natures into one personal, effortless way of living. It also allows you to create with other like individuals a common container of energy from the soul that is sacred and safe. In this container all experience their connectedness to each other, free of existing history, belief, and appearance. They also begin to trust, accept, learn, and evolve into examples of authentic relationships free from the agendas and judgments that separate us with fear and suffering.

The hope of Soul Recognition is that as individual and collective souls emerge into conscious awareness through this process, they will naturally combine with the existing systems of today and eventually assist in the creation of improved personal, family, institutional, and global relationships that originate from the soul and will sustain our world.

Soul Recognition has no pre-requisites or dogma. Who you are or where you are does not matter, nor what you believe. It is an entirely open model for living intentionally from your natural divinity within. Each participant is a co-creator, so the future of SR is evolving in trust.

Soul Recognition opens the heart into full bloom so that living comes easily from being, not doing. Soul Recognition dissolves the barriers that separate us from our souls and from each other. The end of separation is the beginning of unity. With unity comes peace, the realized destiny of the world and everyone in it.

6 Jan 2003

Marietta, GA