1863 May 30


Thunderbolt Battery

May 30, 1863

Mrs. Nancy J. Harden

My dear wife,

I will send you a few lines which will inform you that I am well, hoping these lines may reach and find you well and doing well.

I write these lines to let you know that our Company has to go to Whitmarsh to picket next week.

I want you to write to me soon.  I received the money you sent me and I was glad to get it for I can come home now if I get a chance.

I have lost one of my blankets, the small one.  I do not know where it went to.  I will have to have something to cover with next winter.

I want you to write how much corn you have got and what it is worth up there and whether you have disposed of any of it or not.

Dear Jane, you know I want to come home, but the Lord only knows when I will get there.

So, I will close.


Your affectionate husband,

William H. Harden

P. S.  Mrs. Benson, please send this to Jane and oblige.

W. H. H.

P. S.  Jane, I have still not had any letter since the seventh instant.

W. H. Harden