1864 Jan 6


Thunderbolt Battery

January 6, 1864

My dear companion,

I seat myself to let you know that I am well and hearty, hoping these lines may find you and all the rest well.

I have just come from the island to get provision.  I will start back in an hour.

You said in your letter that Uncle Riley had a find boy.  Well, I reckon it was a funny frolic to see the old man have a boy.  If you had said Aunt Maryann had a boy, it would have been all right.

I wonder who was there.  I expect Susan Fowler was there.

I received the letter you wrote in answer to the letter I sent by Mrs. Orear and was glad to hear you was all well.

I have been on Wilmington Island this morning and will have to go again in a day or two.

I went out after oysters this morning.

We will have to go down on the lower side scouting when we go again to see if there is any Yankees on the island.  We heard that there was 1,500 on Wilmington.  If they are there, we will find them.

I sent 40 dollars by Mrs. Orear to you and I did not write anything about it in the letter I sent by her.

Get all the tobacco you can from Wash and keep it for me.  I have got enough to do me awhile yet.

I shall want a shirt the first chance you get to send one.

I must close as my time is out.

Write soon, if not sooner.

Yours, etc.

W. H. Harden