undated 6


Dr. Seaborn Jones,

I was glad to hear from you, and I concur with you in the opinion that a reformation must take place to end this war.  I wish I could have heard your war speech, though I am an anti-war man now.

I am sorry that you have to plant so much of your land over.

I am glad you have disposed of Honest John, for I though I should have to take him if I get back.  I would be glad to see you and Jackson.

I will tell you of my affairs.  I am Third Corporal and I intend to aspire if anybody does.  Aspiration is my theme.

Give my respects to Aunt Tabby and Uncle Riley and Aunt Mary Ann and to Mrs. Lynch, Berry and Cap.

Mrs. Benson and Mrs. Orear are staying at Mr. Prickmann’s.

Give my respects to all the family connection and receive the same for yourself.

W. H. Harden