1863 Sep 14


September 14, 1863

Dear Father and Mother,

I seat myself to drop you a few lines to let you know that we are all well at present.  I hope that when these few lines come to hand they will find you all enjoying the same good blessing.

I haven’t got any good news to write.  We can’t hear anything until it is worn out.

We are all getting along as well as you could expect.  We are very well satisfied.

The company has gone off with General Lee down to Jackson on a review of his cavalry.  They only took twenty five of the company with them.  The company is intolerable good at present.

I want you to excuse bad writing.  I am in a hurry.

I want you to write.  I haven’t got a letter from home in two months.  It seems very hard that I can’t hear from home and you hear from me.  You must write.

I dream about you, and dream bad dreams that pester me.

I must close.

Direct your letters to Canton in the care of General Steven E. Lee, Captain Nellson, Nellson Rangers.

R. J. Jones to W. A. Jones