Selected References

Here in one location is a list of selected sources for readers interested in pursuing deeper research. With your help I would like to include here all known sources concerning the 63rd Georgia Infantry and the soldiers in it. Specifically, I solicit references to all known personal correspondence (such as the WHH letters), published or not, as well as references to family genealogy web sites that include soldiers of the 63rd.

The primary reference for this web site is the O. R. (short for Official Records). Correctly referencing the O.R. and finding specific information in the O.R. requires some understanding of how the 70 volumes of the O.R. are organized.

The complete title is: The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. U.S. Government Printing Office, 1880–1901. The editor of record was Brevet Lieut. Col. Robert N. Scott, 3rd U.S. Artillery.

The 70 individual bound volumes are organized into four series, plus the Index:

Series I – Military Operations

(containing Volumes I – LII)

Series II – Prisoners

(containing Volumes I – VIII)

Series III – Union Authorities

(containing Volumes I – V)

Series IV – Confederate Authorities

(containing Volumes I – IV)

Within each Series are Volumes starting with roman numeral I. The intent was for each volume to be a separate bound book. In Series I, however, this became impractical beginning with Volume X. In thirty-six cases, the Volume is subdivided into Parts from roman numeral I up to V, these Parts being separate bound books.

Within each Series are Chapters beginning with roman numeral I that cross Volumes in the Series. For example, Volume IV in Series I contains Chapters XI - XIII. The Chapter titles are long descriptive sentences, followed by the inclusive dates.

The actual contents in each Series are arranged chronologically, with Union reports preceeding Confederate reports of the same event, beginning December 20, 1860.

Starting with Series I, Volume XXIV, a serial Arabic number (beginning with 1) was added to the spine (but not on the title page). Series I used serial numbers 1 – 111. Series II used serial numbers 114 – 121. Series III used serial numbers 122 – 126. Series IV used serial numbers 127 – 129. The Index used serial number 130.

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