1890 Jan 25


[?], Alabama

January 25, 1890

Mr. W. P. Harden

Dear cousin,

I will try to answer your letter this morning which I received a few days ago.  I was glad to hear from you all.

This leaves all well at this time, hoping this will find you all enjoying the best of health.

We have had the warmest winter I ever saw in my life and more spoiled meat than I ever heard tell of.  We lost all of our hams. We have got one more to kill and I want it to be cold when we kill it for I don’t want no more spoiled meat.

It seems like everybody is taking a soon start for the next crop.  Ben says he will never do anything until they get done rolling logs.  He has to help so many to get help to roll his.  He is working in the new ground yet.  He wants to get it ready and roll his logs next week.

I have had a right hard time since I come home - cooking and washing for boarders, two young men, and Lizzie going to school and no help, though I have made my money back I spent.  One of them left yesterday for Texas.  The other one will stay one more month.

Cousin Wash, I wish I had something to write that would interest you but I haven’t, so you must excuse bad spelling and writing.

I want you to come to see us when you can.

So, give my love and best regards to all of the connection.

So, I will close for this.  Write soon.

S. J. Goff