1863 Feb 2


Camp Gordon

February 2, 1863

Dear Jane,

I seat myself this afternoon to inform you that I arrived here safe, but not sound.  I am somewhat worn out from loss of sleep and my vaccination is taking, which makes me a little uneasy at this time.

I have no chance to get off.  I shall have to stay here now.

We have marching orders yesterday.  We are expecting a fight here soon.

The Yankees have been shelling us.  They killed two men yesterday.  We also hear some heavy firing today, but have not heard anything of the result.

John I. Patterson is well.  Mr. Orear and Mr. Benson are not well, but worn out like myself.

Jane, somebody has told E. H. Martin that I went to Babe Cardins, was right with the smallpox.  And I say that who ever told it, contrary to the way I told it, told a pusillanimous falsehood.

Direct your letters to

W. H. Harden

Savannah, Georgia

13th Battalion

Care of D. N. Martin

Yours, etc.

W. H. Harden