1884 Aug 13


Winfred, Georgia

August 13, 1884

W. P. Harden and family,

I again seat myself to write to let you know that we are improving in health.  John has been sick with cold, sore throat, roseola, or scarlet fever.  In fact, we have all been somewhat puny, but all seem to be better.

We have been trying to get a chance to come to Pike, but as yet have failed.

Our Association at Liberty Butts comes off the first Sunday in September and we all want to go there.  Then the Seceeder’s Association comes off here at Concord at the same time, so that we will not be there.

I regret the great trouble, but the old Tilman D. Oxford platform is surely right, and it is wrong to be moving every year or two to follow the edicts of man and to the hurt of the little ones.

Old Brother Tilman stood where the Fathers did before the split and that position was right, is right, and will be right until our God changes his laws or as long as the law of God remains unchanged.

Great has been the persecution, but we rejoice in it and thank God that we are worthy to suffer these things and that our names are cast out as evil.  The vile tongue of slander has been and is assiduously at work, but none of these things move me.  Only let me keep the faith and finish my course with joy.  Then the immortal crown is mine through our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would be glad to see you all.

My cotton prospects are fair; corn small; potatoes small, peas common; fodder is now coming on; rain plenty - moderate in our neighborhood; the nights a little cool.

I will leave this remaining space for some of the rest who may want to write a little.


W. H. Harden