1884 Feb 17


Winfred, Georgia

February 17, 1884

James B. Bebil and W. P. Harden, and others of Flat Rock.

Dear Brethren,

It has become my duty to write to you to let you know what has become of me.  I have finally taken the old position occupied by the Towiliga, and by Tilman D. Oxford years ago for the following reasons, to wit:

First, my own baptism is Missionary as you know, and there are those who desire to come to us that say, “If we ought to be baptized, so ought you.”  Which is a fact that I cannot gainsay.  For if my baptism is valid, so is theirs.

Second, it is inconsistent for me to require others to be baptized, whose baptism is as good as mine.

Third, my conscience has been quiet on the subject of baptism all the time.

And last but not least, I have taken this position in obedience (as I think) to the impress of the Spirit.

I hope you will let all the brethren know my position, and that I believe all the old position is right.  I think old Brother Mullins is on the right track.  He stands unmoved.

My Family is all well but Judge.  He is doing well.  He says tell William and Frank and Aunt Bell the hind wheel of his bone cart broke down and he has to lie over until it is mended up.  I think he will be on his crutches in ten days.