1875 May 27



Jasper County

May 27, 1875

Dear father,

As the Brethren, Oxford, and Williams, are going out to Mount Pleasant to the Union meeting tomorrow, I thought I would write this to send by them.

We are all in good health and have been since we left Pike.  My crop is in tolerable good order.  We are quite dry here just now.  My prospect for wheat is the best I ever had.  I am nearly over my corn the second time.  Will get done chopping cotton Saturday if nothing prevents.

The general health of the community is as good as could be asked for.  Beck is fat and slick as a mouse.  She has to go every day and Sunday, too.

My time is full.  I have no Sunday to stay at home.  We have generally good meetings.

My appointments as follows: first, Sunday and Saturday in Newton County; second, at Falling Creek, Jasper; third, our home meetings; fourth, a spare day.

I think I will come to Pike sometime this summer, if I can get the chance.

Tell Ma, Jane had a duck fit today, and took off thirteen ducks, and will take off about as many more tomorrow, and about eight or ten tomorrow week.  That looks like duck fits, don’t it?

Doll is giving a fine chance of milk, now nearly 2 gallons per day.  The blessings of the Lord are upon us, and we ought to be thankful.

Jane says tell Liz to be ready to come home with us when we come out there.  We shall not come until I finish my crop.

I would be glad to hear from all:  Sarah and Sam, Susan and Clay, Margaret and John, Carrie and Gus, Wash, Liz, and Granny.  Some of you sit down someday and write us a family letter.

If I had time, I would give you some of the exercise of my mind upon this text:  “For we are here in a desert place.”  Luke, ninth chapter, twelfth verse.

I see no chance but for the Towiliga Association to split, one part with Brother Mullin Godard, and Philips.  Some of the churches will clear themselves of missionary shackles and others will not, and if the brethren are not very cautious, they will burst.

Give my respects to Brother Nichols.


W. H. Harden