1863 Mar 20


Camps Gordon

March 20, 1863

Mrs. Nancy J. Harden

Dear companion,

I embrace the present opportunity of informing you that I am well at this time, hoping these lines may reach and find you all well and doing well.

Dear Jane, I will send by express today 50 dollars to you to Barnesville, Georgia to the address of Seaborn Jones.  Tell your Pa to go down there and get it.  Mr. Benson and I will both send in the same package as Mrs. Benson has no one to send by.  We concluded to send it together, as one package will cost less than two.

Dear Jane, it has been twenty days since I have heard from you.  I want you to write often.  I write every week.  I will go, I reckon, on that expectation, but you must keep writing.

Tell your Pa that I am a Jass-Ack now:  I am Third Corporal.

So, I will close.

God bless you and all the family.

Write often.


W. H. Harden

Nancy J. Harden