1862 Aug 18


Savannah, Georgia

August 18, 1862

Mrs. Nancy J. Harden

Dear wife,

I now seat myself after twelve days absence to inform you that I am well as common, hoping that these few lines may reach and find you and our dear little Mollie enjoying the best of health, and also all the rest of the family connection.

We all arrived at Savannah this morning about eight o’clock after having a tedious journey of eleven days and very bad luck.

On Friday, our second day out, our mule was taken sick, after which time we only traveled nine miles, and on Saturday we went nine miles again, and he became very sick and we did not go any farther that day, and on Sunday we only went about twenty miles.

During the same time Prince was taken sick and I had to kill him, after nursing him two days.  We then came on up to yesterday.  Our mule was taken sick the third time 12 1/4 miles from this place.  We traveled a little, lay over all night, and came to town this morning.  Here we received orders to wait until Mr. Stough or Martin could come to town.

I reckon we will go to the salt works this evening.  We are expecting some fighting here soon.  Three boats went down this morning.  One I know was loaded with soldiers, for I saw it.

Write to me and tell me all the news.

Tell Tom Jones to be certain to attend to my hogs.

Take good care of yourself and Mollie.  If it should be my lot never to return, raise Mollie according to the “Golden Rule” and that is all that I can ask.

So, I will close.

Farewell, my dear.

Be of good cheer, for I think I am coming home.

W. H. Harden

P.S.  Direct your letters to Savannah, Georgia in care of D. A. Martin.

I may when I get to the salt works have some other post office.  If I do, I will write you.

W. H. H.