1874 May 14


May 14, 1874

Dear brother and sister,

I seat myself this evening to try to drop you a few lines to let you know how we all are.  We are all well as common but Pa.  He is complaining.  Susan is mending.  The connection is well as far as I know.

I haven’t much news to write.  If I could see you all, I could tell more than I can write.

Wash and Mr. Bankston has dissolved.  Wash could not be satisfied a peddling.  He has rented land from Pa and has gone to work.  Mr. Bankston and his Pa will peddle.

Harmon, Ma churns over a half a bushel of milk a day, and she says if you will stop over, you can get some milk and butter for supper.  She makes nearly 2 pounds of butter a day.

Jane, I have 12 little chicks and a little calf.  Granny is spinning, and me and Ma is weaving some for Susan and Carry.

I will close.

You all must come.


S. V. Bankston