God Is Always Laughing

© by Jay Harden


I think God

Is always laughing.

We think we are real and

We think life is personal.

We are all stories.

We are only stories,

In a greater story

Delighting God.

The game is in the story.

The game is:

Can I find you?

Can you find me?

Can I find myself?

Here in the bones

Of my body,

In my cells,

In my energy

In this existence

Is the darkest dark

Filled by the lightest light.

I become my own great being,

Becoming what I am;

You becoming what you are.

Our living is

The presence of God

As children growing, glowing

The luminous wondrous light,

There in my big toe, smiling.

Here is happiness greater

Than through another.

I play again,

This time playing better

At love,

Delighting in every moment,

Lengthening my days.

I watch myself at play,

Pretending, no longer trying

To make life happen,

And I know this is not real.

But my energy now,

My life force now, is real

And the heart of everything.

I bundle the moments in my hand,

Giving each a perfect joy.

I am present, ungrownup,

And God is laughing.

May 31, 2008

O’Fallon, Missouri