1862 Sep 2


September 2, 1862

Salt Works near Beulah

To Nancy J. Harden

Dear wife,

As Colonel N. P. Daniel is going home, I will try to write you another letter.

I am still well.  Hope the few lines find you all as well.

James Short is sick.  Now, he says he is getting better this morning.

I have been here two weeks or more and have written three letters before this, and I cannot get any answer.  I cannot imagine the reason why you do not write.  I am very uneasy, because I cannot hear from you.  I want you to write, if you have not, and tell me all the news.

The conscripts have not got me, yet.  Neither do I believe they will.  I am well satisfied down here, if I could just hear from you and our sweet little Mollie.

You tell the old man Seaborn that he must send me something to laugh at.  Give my respects to him, and all the family.  I will try to write to them all in due time.

If the conscripts get me, I will try to come home.

Before I go off, I want you to send me provisions.  If you have not done it, try express.  Send them to Savannah.

Do try to write to me one time, as it looks like I never can come home.  Write how the crops are.

So, I will close.

Yours affectionately,

W. H. Harden