In My Green Backyard

© by Jay Harden

The war changed me;

It could not you.

I woke in smoke

And thunder,

A world shattering

At the edge of life.

Not you, kept small

By the fright

Of less innocent me.

Afraid of myself,

I did not tell you No

When I should,

Fearing the end

Of our loving life.

Afraid of myself,

I did not tell you Yes,

Reasoning away my

Passion dreams with you,

Afraid to lose

Our deep cherishing.

We went as far

As we could together;

Not as far

As I had to go.

You left me the freedom

To grow or die,

To live each truth

Or keep each lie.

That was your gift

By going.

We added good love

To this planet,

The best and most we had.

Our love took you

To higher places,

And me to

Making love to life

In my green backyard.

August 20, 2008

El Paso, Texas