Photo Restoration

Here are some examples of my work restoring old and damaged photographs. The cost of restoration depends on the time taken. My base rate is $50 an hour exclusive of printing. Print cost depends on the need of the client. Typically, the complete process takes about two weeks and costs about $350 for a digital JPG file on CD and one 8 by 10 inch archival print at a quality and resolution equal or better than the original.

This is my typical work flow that will vary depending on the original photo and client requirements.

I rephotograph the original (unharmed) on a copy stand evenly illuminated by four 75 watt tungsten lights, color corrected with a Greta Macbeth color card or an Expo Aperture 2 neutral white balance filter. My camera of choice is either a Canon D60 or a Canon 40D. I fill the frame at f 8.0 and 50mm focal length using polarizing filters if needed. I crop the image to the requirements of the client. Then I use my digital darkroom skills to correct tonality, color balance, contrast, and other modifications as needed. Next I repair damage at 400%. This is the most time consuming part. I selectively sharpen the detail and then print.

This original photograph was dated July 12, 1941 and taken in India. In this case, I also added subtle colorization to the skin, eyes, lips, and sweater . I also tilted the photograph slightly (originally taken from the foot of the bassinet) as if the camera were directly in front of the baby and cropped it to more pleasing proportions.

These people were crudely scissored away from the original background with severe cracking around his neck.

This original was so much darker than shown on the left that the client despaired of rescue.

This original had severe damage.

This photo of an original 15 by 18 inch oil portrait was taken hurriedly on location under uncontrolled conditions.