1863 Sep 24


City Hall Hospital

Macon, Georgia

September 24, 1863

My dear companion,

I seat myself to inform you that I am not well, but as well as common.  My stomach is swelled yet.

I hope these lines may reach and find you all well and doing well.

I have not heard from home since I left.  I do not know the reason why I do not get any letters.

There is a great deal of excitement here now.  There has been between seven and eight hundred wounded men sent here in the last two days and they are coming constant.  The Court House and City Hall have both been filled.

I wrote you a letter last week and I have got no answer.  I cannot tell the reason.

I do not know when I will get home.  The doctors are working on me for the dropsy, but they have not done me any good yet, and I do not believe they will.

Ben Hawkins is here yet.  He is not well.

I will now finish my letter.

There is to be about 1,000 sick and wounded sent here today.  They have commenced coming in.  There is no chance for me to get a detail here because every detachment is filled out.

I hear some talk of our being sent to Columbus, Georgia.  It is only a report.

We are slim of bread and meat here.  We get nothing to eat scarcely because of the multitude.

So, I will close.


City Hall Hospital

Macon, Georgia

Yours, etc.

W. H. Harden

Back thus:

W. H. Harden

City Hall Hospital

Macon, Georgia