1863 July


General Hospital

Savannah, Georgia

July 1863

Mrs. Nancy J. Harden

My dear wife,

I seat myself to drop you a few lines to let you know that I am mending slowly, but if I keep on, I will be at home in four or five days.

You said you was coming.  I think you had better stay away from here.  When you are here, you are subject to catch the measles, yellow fever, smallpox, etc.  I want to see you just as bad as I can, but if you was to come here and get sick, it would cost me $3.00.

I will be at home next week if all works right.  I hope it will, so I will not send you no transportation.

You must not write in care of Capt. D. N. Martin, 63rd Georgia.  This is all too much.  Just say, W. H. Harden, General Hospital Savannah, Georgia.  It don’t go nowhere about Captain Martin now.

I hope you will not start at this season of the year down here.  I think I will start home as soon as the measles get so they won’t be catching from me and as soon as I am able to travel.

So I will close.

Write soon.

I remain your affectionate husband, etc.

William H. Harden

To Nancy J. Harden