Cast of Warriors

Here shown are the soldiers, from both sides, who played a role in William Harmon Harden's military service. Forty-two are specifically mentioned in the WHH letters; the rest are part of the 63rd's Combat History. I hope that interested readers will be able to supply many of this missing photographs.


The following officers and men of Company G, 63rd Georgia Infantry

Captain David Nicholas Martin, C.S.A. (1824-1899)

1st Lieutenant George D. Johnson

2nd Lieutenant John W. Patrick


3rd Sergeant Elijah L. Jones


1st Corporal William L. Kendall (died Sep 15, 1863)


2nd Corporal J. Tillery

Private Richard A. Benson

Private W. J. Bowen

Private Benjamin Y. Brooking (died of measles Jul 9, 1863 at Fort Thunderbolt)

Private E. Burgamy (died Jun 16, 1863)

Private J. H. Doyal (died Aug 6, 1863)

Private D. P. Elder

Private Henry Freeman

Private Marion J. Grisham


Private A. J. Harris

Private William M. Harris

Private W. A. Jones

Private William M. Kindrick

Private Joshua Callaway Martin

Private William H. Orear

Private A. William Reeves (died of bronchitis Jun13/14, 1863 at Savannah General Hospital #1)

Private J. J. (Jerry) Singleton (paroled May 1, 1865 at Greensboro, NC)

3rd Corporal William Harmon Harden, C.S.A. (post war)

Company G, 63rd Georgia Infantry

Private Washington Poe Harden, C.S.A.

Company G, 1st Georgia Reserves 

(also Company C, 3rd Georgia Infantry?) 


Private Tandy W. Key

Company I, 13th Georgia Infantry

Private R. J. Jones

Nelson's Rangers

Corporal Shirley 

(another Company, 63rd GA Infantry)

Captain Cornelius R. Hanleiter, C.S.A.

Jo Thompson Artillery, Wright's Legion, 38th Georgia Infantry


Captain Thomas M. Nelson, C.S.A.

Commanding Nelson's Rangers, Independent Georgia Cavalry

Captain White, C.S.A.


Captain James T. Buckner, C.S.A.

Commanding 63rd Georgia Infantry


Captain Elijah J. Craven, C.S.A.

Commanding 63rd Georgia Infantry

Captain William J. Dixon, C.S.A.

Commanding Company K, 63rd Georgia Infantry


Major Joseph V. H. Allen, C.S.A.

Commanding 63rd Georgia Infantry


Major John R. Giles, C.S.A.

 Commanding 63rd Georgia Infantry

(died of typhoid fever July 5, 1863 at Fort Thunderbolt)


Major Henderson, C.S.A.


Lieutenant Colonel George R. Black, C.S.A.

Commanding 63rd Georgia Infantry 


Colonel N. P. Daniel, C.S.A.


Colonel Doyl, C.S.A.

Colonel Charles Hart Olmstead, C.S.A.

Commanding 63rd Georgia Infantry, Brigade Commander


Colonel George Augustus Gordon, C.S.A.

Commanding 63rd Georgia Infantry at Battle of Kennesaw Mountain

Brigadier General Raleigh Edward Colston, C.S.A.

Brigadier General William Whann Mackall, C.S.A.

Brigadier General Hugh Weedon Mercer, C.S.A.

Brigade Commander


Brigadier General James Argyle Smith, C.S.A.

Division Commander

Major General Braxton Bragg, C.S.A.

Major General William Henry Talbot Walker, C.S.A.

Division Commander


Major General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, C.S.A.

Division Commander 

Major General John Calvin Brown, C.S.A.

Division Commander

Major General Benjamin Franklin Cheatham, C.S.A.

Corps Commander

Major General William Brimage Bate, C.S.A.

Corps Commander


Lieutenant General William Joseph Hardee, C.S.A.

Corps Commander

Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan Jackson, C.S.A.


Lieutenant General Steven Dill Lee, C.S.A.

Lieutenant General James Longstreet, C.S.A.


General Robert Edward Lee, C.S.A.

Commanding Army of Northern Virginia

General Pierre Gustave Toutant de Beauregard, C.S.A.

Commanding Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida


General John Bell Hood, C.S.A.

Commanding Army of Tennessee


General Joseph Eggleston Johnston, C.S.A.

Commanding Army of Tennessee 




Lieutenant Colonel Robert Almer Fulton, U.S.A. 

Commanding 53rd Ohio Infantry



Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, U.S.A.

Commanding 54th Massachusetts Infantry


Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, U.S.A.

Commanding Military Division of the Mississippi