1864 Mar 31


Thunderbolt Battery

March 31, 1864

My dearly beloved wife,

As Mr. Benson has just written a short letter, I will drop you a line that you may know that I am well as common, except sore throat and headache, hoping these lines may find you and my baby well.

I have nothing to write, only I don’t get any letters hardly from you.

I and Mr. Benson will get mad and come to see you and Margaret if you don’t do better about writing.

I have sent two very dirty coats in Mrs. Benson’s box or to Mrs. Orear, I don’t know which.  They will mark it.  Too, I also sent one pair of shoes.  If they will fit you, you can wear them.  If they don’t, you must save them for me, unless you can swap them for a good pair of smaller ones that I can wear.

I believe that is all.  I will close for the present.  If anything happens before morning, I will write it before I close the envelope.

May the Lord bless you my dear, with all the children of His kingdom, is the prayer of your devoted husband.

W. H. Harden