undated 3


Jane, tell Mrs. Benson that Mr. Benson is well and hearty and can beat me a-jumping, but he can’t beat me running yet; however, that is untried.  He is sitting in two feet of me cleaning his gun for inspection.  He says he is getting so he can enjoy himself some better in camps than he did at first.

Tell Mrs. Orear that William is also in two feet of me cleaning his gun for the same purpose.  He is well.  He was on guard last night and it was a bad night and he feels drowsy this morning, but we can talk and laugh about old things very hearty now and get along better than we did at first.

The other boys are generally well.

So I will close.

May God bless you, my love.


Your devoted until death.

W. H. Harden

To Nancy J. Harden