1863 Mar 11



Camps Gordon

March 11, 1863

Mrs. Nancy Jane Harden

My dear wife,

As I am spared, I will write you a few lines which will inform you that I am well at this time, hoping these lines may reach and find you all well and doing well.

I do want to hear from you very much.  It looks like you could write every week, regular.  I write every time I can and I hope you write.  Tell Margaret, Susan, and Carry and Betty and Minda all to write some in the letter.  Tell them all not to think hard of me for I do not have time to write to you all as I want to.

I am detached to go on a dangerous but important secret expedition and am ordered to hold myself in readiness at a minute’s warning night or day.  So I do not know what minute I will be called off, nor where I will go, nor when I will hear from you again, though as soon as I can, I will let you know my whereabouts.

I have drawn my bounty money and I will send it to you as soon as I can.  I want you to pay Dr. J. J. Caldwell 13 dollars - I think that is what I owe him - then keep what you need for yourself to buy such things as you need.  And pay Ellen Wadsworth the balance.  Uncle Jack has got the notes.

Mr. Orear thinks he will come home in a few days.  If he does, I will send it by him; if not, I will send it to Barnesville per express subject to the order of you or the old man Seaborn.

I also want you to pay brother Wash two dollars that I got from him and left at Mr. Benson’s for you.  If Mr. Orear don’t come home in a week, you had better go to Barnesville and see if the money ain’t there, for I intend to send it to you.

I want you to write me whether you have drawn any money from the county or not and all about it.

I came off and forgot to pay my tax.  I want you to pay that out of the money.

Oh, I have not forgot Mollie yet.  I think I will send her a nice little present before long.  I wonder if she can talk yet?  If she can, I want you to learn her how to say the alphabet and learn her to be an obedient child.

Tell your Ma and Pa I have not forgot them.

You must do the best you can with the cows and hogs.  Feed well and get all you can and have all you can get.

I will write some more in the morning if I am not called off, so I will quit for this time.

Messrs. Brooking, Benson, and Orear are all well at this time.

W. H. Harden

March 12, 1863

I had to go on guard this morning and I did not have time to mail this letter, so I can’t start it until tomorrow.

I am well this morning and have not got off on that expedition yet.  There is no news here today.

I am now at Fort Mercer on guard duty.  I will come off in the morning at 8 o’clock, then I will mail this.

I will wait until morning to finish my letter unless something turns up that I am not aware of.

March 13, 1863

This morning, I will close.

I am still well and hearty.

I have no news today except I heard an officer say last night that our expedition was to take Fort Pulaski back again.

The mail will leave in a few minutes so I will close.

Your affectionate husband,

W. H. Harden

To Mrs. N. J. Harden