In Sympathy With Me

© by Jay Harden

When you vibrate

In sympathy with me,

Your words wrap

Me in a breeze

Of better understanding,

Adding grace to my intention.

The persistence

Of your accepting heart

Helps me

Through the brace

Of clinging misdirected noise.

When you vibrate

In sympathy with me,

Clarity manages my moves

And I know

Who I must be,

What I must do,

And how I can love.

And in some soft, sweet way,

The gift that holds me returns home

A greater peace to you.

The mystery and magic

Of dancing together touchless

Under the same moon

Never fails to improve

Every present possibility.

You say that you really are

My divine reflection,

And I think I am yours.

And I am more.

More noble to myself

And braver still

Because you vibrate

In sympathy with me.

July 2, 2008

O’Fallon, Missouri