1862 Sep 24


Moss Cabin

September 24, 1862

My dear companion,

It is with the greatest pleasure that I seat myself to drop you a few lines which will inform you that I am not well at present.  I have the chills and fever.

I hope when these lines reach you that they will find you and Mollie in the best of health.

I was packing up my clothes to come home when Mr. Daniell came to the door.  I was surprised to see him.

I think that I will get well.  I will try it a week or two longer, and if I do not get well I will come home.

I will try to get this off to the Post Office tomorrow.

I received the syrup jug and butter which Mr. Daniell was so good to bring to me.  I think when I have eaten of that and put a plaster of mustard on my back I will get well.

I will send some salt to Barnesville in care of Aaron Jones.  I will send it by the first chance to Savannah.  I can get salt at ten dollars per bushel.  I will send about two bushels for us all, the old man Seaborn, and myself.

I will close.  Write to me about my crop and hogs, if you know anything about them.  I wrote to Mr. Brooks and told him to mash up the cane and keep it, as I owed him some money.  He will do right about it, as I am so confused that I hardly know what to write.

You will read this, if you can.

So, I will close.

Your devoted husband,

William H. Harden