1874 Feb 12



Pike County

February 12, 1874

W. H. Harden

Dear brother,

I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines in answer to yours which I received the ninth, instant, and was glad to hear from you and that you were all well as common.  This leaves us better than we have been.

The bad cold and cough that Sarah had when you was here terminated pneumonia.  She was taken down in about a week after you left.  The doctor said it was the worst case of pneumonia that he had had in five years, but she has got so she can set up a little.

Pa has a bad spill now.  He was hardly able to walk about any today.

The rest all well except colds.

Margaret was up today, was going to write some to you, but didn’t get the time before she had to start home.

Susan is not well, but able to keep up.  She is taking medicine from the doctor.

Sammy was peddling in the upper settlement today.  He says that old man Seab’s family was well.  Gone to Griffin himself.

Rich Kindrick died.  He lived one week after you left.

Mr. Lee died.  He lived about two weeks after you left.

Pa wants to know when you will be back here to get your cane as you said nothing about it.

Tell Grandma and Jane that Frank is walking where ever he goes.  He is hearty and fat as a pig.

Liz says tell Granny and Jane they were all drinking compassion tea tonight.

Sarah Day’s Old Dol eats every time she does, and Sammy said he went up after them hens that you left,  Got one, and the other’s head was pecked.  So, they would not let him have it.  That is enough of foolishness, I reckon.

I expect you are done with your house by this time, or before.  Me and Gus gets along very slow with our house.  We have it up, hewed down, and covered, and have got the chimney about half done (we are building it ourselves).

Pa says that Mr. Davis says that the church is going to write your church a letter about your going off and not paying him.

I will close for this time.

I would be glad to go out to see you all, and will when I get the chance.

So, nothing more at present, only I remain yours, as ever,

W. P. Harden

Write or come soon.  Excuse mistakes, etc.

W. P. Harden