William Harmon Harden Biography

W. H. Harden 1836 - 1914.

as written by a family member

[provided to JHHJr. by John Ira Harden, Jr., Oct 1997 with notes by JHHJr. in brackets]

    W. H. Harden was the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Harden, who resided in Pike County Georgia there occupation were farming for they lived in the country.  they were interested in their son’s education and did all they could to assist him; although he often had to walk a long ways to school.  His teachers were very strick and Harmon was some time punished for misspelling words by a whiping on the palm of his hand.  When he was about eighteen years old he went to school to Zebulon after attending there for sometimes, he began to teach.  He taught for many years.

    When Harmon was about eighteen years old, he was converted and joined the Baptist Church, and later he was called to preach, and preached the gospel for forty years.

    When Harmon was about twinty six, he meet Miss Jame Jones, who won her affection the girl’s father objected to their marriage, and told the girl if ever she spoak to him again, he would whip her.  She wrote him a note and told him what her father had said.   He wrote her a note and told her to meet him at a party, and if she intended to obey her father to let him know by turning the back of hand to him, and if she would talk to him to turn the palm of her hand toward him.  She turned the palm of her hand tward him, and he said he was the happiest man in the world.  they ran away in a few night from then and was married [31 Mar 1861].

    In eighteen sixty one, when the Civil War came on, and troops were called for, Harmon enlisted [WHH actually enlisted on 24 Jan 1862], biding his wife and baby [Mary Zelma Harden born 20 Dec 1861] good-by.  he went to fight for his country.  In May 1865, he saw the South surrender.  He returned home to his family, and worked his little plantation for sometime, then he moved to South Ga., where he bought him a farm, and lived there untill his death.

    He visted many places of interest.  He attended the Old Soldier’s reunion at Richmond, Vaginia [1907].  he went to James town [and the District of Columbia] James river, and several places where famous battles were fought.  He attended the Old Soldiers reunion at Little Rock Ark. in 1912 [actually 16-18 May, 1911]; came on to La., and visted his sister [Margaret Ann Harden] Mrs. M. A. Jones.  He was then sevensix years of age.  He said his race was most run.  His shoulder’s were stooped on the account of his age.  His hair was black mingled with gray, his deep set blue eyes showed intelligents.  His face was wrinckled, and he wore a gray union suit, such as they wore in the Civil War.  He had almost lost his hearing, and had to use an ear trumpet.  He lived two years after he returned home.  He attended the Reunion the next year in Macon, Ga. and the fatigue was to much for him for he fainted and was carried to the hospital, where he had all the attention necessary, after a long spell of sickness, he recovered, and went home, and lived about one year from then.  He died in 1914 [actually 2 May 1913], leaving a wife and four children to mourn his lost.  He was kind, and gentle to ????