1887 Oct 14



Irwin County, Georgia

October 14, 1887

W. P. Harden


I received a card from you by the last mail and was glad to hear from you all, but sad to learn of the affliction of Sister Becca.

We did not receive your letter, but I got one from Frank and will answer it next week.

We are in moderate health, have no news.

We made a good crop of corn and a moderate crop of cotton.  I have ginned two bales, and have ten or eleven in the house and about one in the fields.  Peas, potatoes, pinder, and cane are short by nearly half.

I will try to come up there sometime.  I think I would be glad to see you all.  Jane says she is coming, too, but I think that she will have to be at Willie’s about the time I get in the notion to go, but Jane says she won’t let me get ready till she does.  So, I don’t know how it will be.  Maybe it won’t be a be at all.  We can’t tell, can you?

Well I went fishing last Monday, and caught enough by dinner to do us two days - enough foolish.

Our meetings are all pleasant and we have some in gathering in almost all our churches.  We are now occupying the same position so far as I know of.

The churches of the Towiliga Association and our brethren here never have received but three or four members direct from the missionaries.  I sent a statement and confession to Concord Church sometime ago and have not heard from it yet, though I am in hope that I will yet.  I am fully satisfied now with the present position and believe it is right.  If you see Brother Oxford, ask him if he got it.  If so, ask him to let you see it; I desire that you see it.

I will now close.

Farewell.  Come to see us.  It does seem like you all could come some.

Your old brother,

W. H. Harden